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In the previous blog post, we discussed how to increase communication within your department.  When you have your communication lines open, these are the perfect opportunities to begin setting and getting updates on team goals.  Goal setting may seem simple, but there are many factors that need to be considered to make sure your team is on the right path.

How do goals encourage Continuous Improvement?

When setting up goals for your team, it’s important to remember your customer.  Who are you serving?  Is your process outcome an internal or external customer?  For more information on KPI creation, see the post: You Only Need 4 KPIs to Measure Performance.  Another important factor for goal setting is what are you trying to accomplish?  As an organization, are you trying to grow?  Are you trying to be the easiest company in the world to deal with?  The best way to determine what your goals should be is by looking at your company strategy.  These strategies can give you lots of guidance on how to set your goals appropriately.

Setting up goals for your team is one of the key steps to creating a culture of change; goals set expectations for your team.  These expectations will allow them to continually work on themselves to reach goals.  When your team tries something new, and they see the fruits of that labor, it provides encouragement for them to keep going.

How do I create a goal that will encourage the culture of change?

While setting expectations for employees seems obvious, checking these expectations daily is a little more uncommon.  What makes daily huddles a valuable part of the day, is relaying how the team did yesterday.  If there are issues during the day, your huddle is a chance to correct, so that you have as many opportunities to correct course as possible.  In addition, having this information readily available accomplishes three things:

  1. Immediate KPI feedback to provide encouragement and intrinsic motivation for good days
  2. Quick turnaround time on problem-solving as issues can be dealt with day after day
  3. Feedback from your team daily for improvement suggestions

With open communication, your daily huddles become your “Suggestion Box” program.  Employees feel empowered to share their ideas for improved processes and where valid, these ideas can be implemented, tested, and results measured regularly with your team seeing the immediate effects of their suggestions.

How do I build upon our success?

When you have a target set and you’ve begun to consistently hit those targets and expectations, now is the time to update your targets.  When you reach your goal, you should be celebrating with your team, providing them with external motivation.  Keep pushing your expectations and continue working towards perfection!  With the goal of perfection, scheduling will help play a big part in how you can continually build upon your successes.

If you need help setting attainable goals for your team, Propel’s proven Methodology will help you achieve your goals.  Contact us today to learn more!


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