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How do I communicate the goals to the team?

One of the biggest challenges within teams, is communication. How is information transferred from one team member to another? As a manager, you may feel constantly bogged down with email after email of problems that are ongoing in your department. How are you keeping track of, and following up on these issues? Moreover, how are you communicate your goals and expectations to the team? Yearly reviews are great, but how likely is it that once the team member has left the office, they are actively working towards your goals and expectations 6 months later.

How do I communicate more effectively?

Although it may seem like a crazy concept, our unique methodology allows for greater communication flows within teams through daily huddles. Daily huddles, or stand up meetings, are a great way to align your team. Some of the major benefits we see by introducing daily huddles are:

  • Active management increases
  • Issues and roadblocks are brought up and followed up on daily
  • Goals and expectations are tracked day after day
  • Increased service level agreements to customers

By introducing daily team huddles, your team is regularly bringing up issues and successes throughout their day. By creating a more reactive working environment in the team, you are ensuring that if your schedule slips, you have the next day to get back on schedule. Additionally, daily huddles allow you and your team to actively work towards the goals and expectations you are setting for each team member and getting real time feedback on their progression.

As a manager, your main focus should be managing your team, but how can you manage the team when your own personal workload never seems to end, such as the never-ending inbox. At Propel Solutions, our methodology is based on creating a feedback loop in your department, which increases overall productivity and gives you the impact you are looking for in your future state. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you communicate your move forward.


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