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We’re masters at identifying the lost time that is getting in the way of your organization’s performance and profitability.

Our proven framework helps companies unlock the ideas for improvement from within their teams and put them immediately into action.  Working together with your team we – observe, collaborate, educate and empower. Our team of business consultants takes aim at the root causes of a inefficiencies, implementing changes that optimizing entire organizations to make the most of people’s precious time, talent and efforts.

For us, success must be measurable, and we encourage our clients to find it in their financial statements. This, too, is part of our process. Looking to data to show us where and how performance can be optimized, we provide the clarity you seek and build the dashboards you need to keep a pulse on performance.

Activate your operations to achieve breakthrough results

Propel Solutions is Western Canada’s Leading Operational Improvement Firm. We offer big firm expertise with the care and attention only a boutique firm can offer. We work in every sector and cross-pollinate the most effective methods to make our clients’ work better, faster and easier.

When you’re ready,  we’re here to help your organization get to the next level.

Delivering Results

Our Proven Framework


Organizational Assessment

Understand your organization and its underlying processes. Develop base line metrics to assess the potential for improvement.


Current State Analysis

Develop a deeper analysis of the current state, to begin to identify the highest value improvement opportunities.



Involve employees to identify changes required through comprehensive gap analysis. Prepare the organization for change.



Work with managers to install improvements. Provide training to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement.


Increase in Process Productivity


End-to-end Processes Improved


What size organizations do you work with?

Our typical engagements take place with enterprise organizations with 50-1000 employees. Head to our Portfolio to read about some of the organizations we have worked with.

How long does a project typically take?

A typical project will last anywhere from 12 – 20 weeks but depending on the project scope and size of your organization, an engagement can last shorter or much longer.

How much does it cost to hire your consultants?

Our consultants have a competitive hourly rate. The total cost of your project will depend on the project scope and size of your organization. Pricing will be established at the outset of your project.

What does a successful project look like?

Your success means our success. We guarantee you a 3:1 ROI within one year of project completion as a baseline for project success, however it is our goal to unlock success within your organization. We aren’t just boardroom consultants – we drive the execution of our recommendations and leave your organization with a culture of continuous improvement.

What are the steps required to improve a process?

At Propel Solutions, we use a proven framework in order to identify and execute process improvements within your organization. During the span of our projects, we perform an as-is baseline analysis of current processes, develop process improvement methods, and drive the execution of the plan. Head over to our blog to read more about all the different methods we use to improve a process.

Why should I use an external operations consultant?

Our consultants are masters at identifying lost time to understand what’s getting in the way of performance and profitability. Taking a hands-on approach, we get to know your people and observe their working environment as it happens. Together with your team, we engineer solutions and instill a culture of continuous improvement.

What type of results can we expect?

Our consultants are equipped with the expertise to unlock process improvement ideas within your organization and execute the implementation. We introduce 4 KPIs to measure your organization’s service value (read more here), allowing your organization to track improvements for our 3:1 ROI minimum guarantee, measurable on your financials within one year.

How do you measure improvements in process?

Following the execution of the process improvements, we leave your organization with the tools to measure Key Performance Indicators (read more here) to measure improvements within your process. It is our objective to instill culture of continuous improvement within your workplace to ensure the improvements continue long after we have left.

Is my organization ready for change?

Our consultants are trained to drive the execution of our recommendations, while managing the change with your employees. If your organization is willing to make changes in order to achieve improved performance and you have a leader that is prepared to champion the change, then Contact Us today.

Our Values

Embrace Growth

Always learning. Always teaching. We are a learning organization. We commit not only to educating our own people but selflessly passing on our industry insights to our clients.

Keep it Simple

Complexity is the enemy of productivity. The most elegant solution is the simplest. Those who truly understand can simplify. Less is truly more.

Make a Lasting Impact

We take our relationships seriously. Our commitment is to make a lasting impact on those that we serve. We are your partners for the long haul.

Do it in Partnership

We believe in people. Our contribution impacts our client’s ways of working.

Be Accountable

Own it. We show up with the energy and intention to get the job done.

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