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As the world becomes more and more digitally reliant and intelligent the common workplace is evolving to utilize what’s on offer; one of these digital workplace trends is the use of highly developed and custom-designed intranets or enterprise social networks.  Intranets or ESNs work as a way of connecting people and systems within a workplace and have many added benefits.  Depending on the companies’ size and requirements, intranet systems can offer file sharing, calendars, social newsfeeds, dashboards, document management, contact details, HR services, blogs, and the list goes on.  Let’s look at what are some of the key beneficial features of these systems:


Business Objectives

Intranets have functions that allow every single staff member to have access and ownership to key business objectives.  Features such as dashboards, reporting, KPI’s and newsflashes aid in communicating performance to everyone and allows individuals and teams to align their work to meet these business objectives.  There is no longer that gap between the working floor and top office business strategy and direction, there is one platform for everyone.


Information sharing and retention

Intranets allow user access to the information they need in one location.  Data and documents are shared, and systems are integrated.  Not only does this reduce non-value added time associated with data entry in multiple areas or searching for information in multiple locations, but it also helps with information retention and sharing of tasks within an area or business.


Slick and Sleek

Intranets today look good.  Whether the system selected is off the shelf functionally with an appearance adapted to match the client’s business colors and logo or the system has been completely customized there’s no denying that the Intranet Systems on offer today a sleek.  Staff take ownership and buy in to a system upgrade that is user friendly, interactive and up-to-date with modern design.  This efficient new tool is seen as a perk in a streamlined work environment.


Social Network

As intranets have developed over recent years, networking strategies have become an expected necessity rather than an advanced add-on.  Developers and businesses alike have recognized the effects that work relationships and social space have on employee satisfaction.  This concept continues to gain relevance as the percentage of staff working remotely or on the go has increased in the business sector.


Intranet platforms are allowing companies with multiple offices to share a culture as well as information.  One of Propel Solutions’ key areas of expertise is systems alignment and we recognize the potential these business support technologies have to optimize company systems.  Propel Solutions works alongside businesses to review their processes and determine their requirements, so that your company is fully supported and trained to select the right software, and achieve the greatest return on your technology investment.


If you are considering a systems review and install within your business and think you could benefit from Propel Solutions methodical and successful approach, please do not hesitate to get in touch, [email protected].