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As we move into 2021, no one can deny the lingering impact of a pandemic that has challenged how we worked, overturned our routines, and shifted our priorities as we grappled to respond.

As we enter the new year – typically a time of renewal and hopeful resolutions – we can all be optimistic about positive developments surrounding vaccine distribution, our capacity to persevere as we create new normals, and even the gradual return to the office for some.

Here at Propel, we wanted to recap some of our insights that can help your organization move from the chaos of last year to defining a robust strategic agenda for the year ahead:

Thriving in a Post Covid-19 Workplace

At the start of the pandemic, we outlined how the Covid-19 pandemic will change the workplace as we had come to know it. Implementing these six key lean principles would allow organizations to not only adapt to the new realities but emerge as leaders in their industry:

  • Customer Centric Processes
  • Flexible and Cross Trained Workforce
  • Streamlined Layout with FIFO
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Workplace Organization Cleanliness – 5S
  • Cost Reduction through Continuous Improvement

It is likely that your organization made rapid operational adjustments to some of these areas in response to the initial crisis while the new year provides the opportunity to reflect and formalize your transformation towards a lean journey.

Our Series on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

The start of a new year means establishing new goals to drive the organization forward – but do you know what to measure? Are your metrics measuring the right thing? Are you setting the right expectations with your managers and employees?

Our 3-part series on Key Performance Indicators describes the four key metrics that directly measure customer value; how to effectively develop KPIs; and how to successfully implement them in your organization.

Creating Effective Work from Home (WFH) Processes and Virtual Workplaces

As company’s extend (and in some cases, make permanent) work-from-home arrangements – this is a great opportunity to refresh on best practices to ensure your team is able to remain productive while working remote.

We also discussed how to create effective virtual workplaces and make the most of virtual meetings as ‘zoom fatigue’ entered our lexicon.

Daily Habits for Instilling Company Culture

Organizational culture is the foundation of success but one that many companies found challenging to sustain as employees went remote and the human interactions and office presence that brings culture to life were no longer. At Propel, our daily precepts set the tone each day and help us pull-through our company values. We shared our favorite Propel Precepts that through daily habit help us instill and sustain our company culture.

Does your company need an extra boost for its New Year’s Jumpstart? Is your organization struggling with defining their roadmap for the new year or looking to embark on a lean transformation journey that redefines how you deliver customer service? Are you in the process of reformulating your goals and metrics to ensure your strategic objectives are properly cascaded? Is your company looking to identify ways to re-engage and align your workforce?

Propel Solutions specializes in helping organizations transform their operations to deliver better customer value, implement KPIs that matter and introduce changes that stick. Get in touch below to learn about our proven track record of powerful results to help you kick-off 2021!