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Problem: How do I create Impact in my department?

As a manager, when walking into a department, one of the biggest challenges is how to create an impact in the department.  You will never manage the exact same way as the previous people leader, which is fine, but how do you take the successes of the previous manager, and build on them to make your own success?  In this series of blogs, we’ll be looking at the different tools and techniques you can use to make an impact and drive change in your department.

Why: Why should we change?

When walking into work as a team leader or manager, whether new to the job or not, it’s easy to see where legacy processes have been engrained into the department, with piles of papers are stacked waiting to be processed, or even faxes coming through on the one fax machine still standing.  In the year 2018, if you’re still getting faxes, it may be worth considering changes your process to make your resources more productive.   Perhaps you’re looking at implementing a new system in the hopes that it will increase productivity; will the new system change processes or just provide a band-aid for a larger problem?  Creating a culture of change in this environment can be tricky, but there are ways around it.

Solutions: How do I affect change in the department?

Some of the best ways for you, as a manager, to create change in the department is by looking at your toolkit.

Think about the following:

  1. What communication lines are currently available?
  2. What do you currently have in your department that allows you to schedule work, measure how often you achieve your desired schedule?
  3. How do you know if you’ve achieved schedule, and what do you do when your day to day schedule is off track?

Takeaways: How can I answer these questions?

Each of the questions should be easily answered without having to go through much trouble.  If you’re struggling to find the answer to some or all these questions, Propel Solutions can help.  Our proven methodology will help you gain insight and clarity into your department.


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