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A key aspect of Propel Solutions’ projects is developing teams and departments to nurture a culture of continuous improvement and encourage employees to become business improvement ambassadors.  This approach empowers businesses to embrace change and continue to optimize their processes long after the project is completed and Propel’s consultants have left the organization.  So, what does it mean to be a business improvement ambassador?

Business Improvement Ambassadors are faced with daily challenges because change is not always easy, and staying with status quo can sometimes seem like the easier option for team members.  Being a business improvement ambassador means having perseverance to ensure that your team and organization meet their strategic objectives, and recognize the benefits associated with change and continuous development.  Ambassadors rise to the challenge on behalf of others and remove the barriers that prevent the change from being implemented successfully.  If you are keen to become a change agent within your organization, here are some tools to keep in mind as you begin your improvement journey:


Why is change necessary?  What is your burning platform?  Once this is determined, you can begin setting goals to implement the change.  Recognizing obstacles and opportunities for growth is the first step in the process.


Develop your toolkit; what tools do you need to support the change?  Tools can be Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Kanban boards, schedules, team meetings, budget proposals etc.  Also, in preparing for change try and gauge employee’s reactions and be prepared for them; recognize that everyone experiences change differently.

Persistency and patience

Try and maintain a drive forward, and be willing to do the leg work to remove all of the obstacles. It is paramount to maintain the momentum to prevent processes and people from reverting back to their ‘old ways’.


Provide support to managers and executives throughout the change.  Change needs to be backed by both staff and at the executive level to be successful.  Take the time to explain and to understand how the transformation effects each level of the business.


Last but not least, celebrate success!  Whether they are Quick Wins or improvements that took longer to implement, it is important to celebrate successes throughout your transformation project.

Projects are the most rewarding when they provide a challenge. This is often the case with business improvement projects.  As Business Improvement Ambassadors, Propel Solutions takes pride in assisting our clients with successfully implementing business improvement projects and becoming change agents themselves within their organizations.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can benefit from assistance from our experienced professionals and proven change management approach.