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An Investment in Sustainability

Do you want to improve your profits while making a positive impact on the world? An investment in sustainability might just be your answer.

Leading companies are implementing green business practices as methods for driving profitability. An overwhelming 61% of companies report increases in profits following investment in sustainability. Executives not only realize these profits through significant cost savings initiatives and waste reduction from sustainability efforts, but they are also turning to sustainability as a top-line driver.

Lowering your Costs

The big conversation around investment in sustainability is around reducing carbon footprints. Executives often face the question of “how can we achieve our business results by consuming less?”. Sustainability initiatives zero-in on opportunities to reduce waste, looking for more effective ways to deliver customer value.

What we know about green companies is that they consume less – whether it be energy or resources – resulting in less waste produced. Initiatives such as paperless processes, an in-house recycling program, or a commitment to use public transit when commuting to work all lead to waste reduction.

Improving your Top Line

Now more than ever, consumers rank sustainability as a priority: 84% of global consumers expect the companies they do business with to have a sustainability commitment. As individuals are looking to reduce their own carbon footprints, they are looking to businesses to do the same.

89% of US executives believe that the demand for sustainable products and services will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. According to a study reported by the Harvard Business Review, consumers are voting with their dollars against unsustainable brands, with 50% of CPG growth in 2013 coming from sustainably marked products. Sustainability can be seen as a competitive advantage within your organization.

How Can You Cash In?

A certification with the Green Business Bureau (GBB) is a good start to understanding your current-state sustainability score. Each certification starts with a baseline analysis, provides you with a list of quick-wins to implement, as well as some long-term transformations. Working through the list of quick wins is a great way to begin reducing your costs and gearing your company up to be more sustainable, driving your top-line revenues. Once certified, you can proudly boast your certification on marketing platforms, informing your customers about your commitment to green practices to drive your top line.

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