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Is your organization suffering from a high rate of attrition? Are your customers calling you instead of the helpline? Have you heard through the grapevine that certain tasks are “a waste of time”? If you are experiencing any of these situations, don’t panic.  However, these may be signals that your business could benefit from a closer look at its processes.

Some organizations will attempt to conduct a Business Process Review using internal resources, while others will engage a third party for help.  Although both methods are valuable, there are benefits to partnering with proven Business Process Improvement Consultants that should be considered.  Here are three of them:

  1. We provide an objective perspective. You and your colleagues are involved with your business at all levels, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You have been an integral part of your organization for years, perhaps even decades.  While this knowledge and experience are immensely valuable, it can have a shadowy side: being deeply engrained in your organization may make it difficult to maintain objectivity when it comes to processing improvement.  One of the benefits of engaging with outside Business Process Improvement Consultants is that we come with a fresh perspective, free from bias.  We urge our clients to challenge how their processes function, how their business is organized, and even how their core value is defined.
  1. Business Process Improvement is what we do. You know your business, and we know ours.  Engaging with outside consultants means you can leave the process improvement and change management to the experts while you focus on your core business.  Business Process Improvement Consultants provide your organization with the expertise, understanding, and flexibility that is required to lead process improvement and change.  Because of our history of engaging a variety of businesses, people, and industries, we can introduce innovative best practices across industrial boundaries.
  1. We take the next step with you. After a Business Process Review comes to the development of process improvements and their implementation.  Projects employing change management solutions are six times more likely to achieve the project’s objectives, but making these changes and getting them to stick can be extremely challenging.  At this point, some consultants may provide you with a report and walk out the door.   Implementation-oriented consultancies such as Propel Solutions go the extra mile and remain with our clients through this exciting phase.  We will prepare the Change Management strategy; assist your organization in managing implementations; and support you in monitoring, correcting, and reinforcing the change.

Business Process Improvement is your organization’s path towards more fulfilled staff, more satisfied customers, and more competitive business.  Processes, systems, and the people they engage are the foundations of your business, and they are the key to its future sustainability.  Your foundations are worth investing in.