The Challenge

RC Pet Products designs products for pets of all walks of life, those that never leave the home, and those that enjoy their time playing, working and competing outdoors. RC PETS got started; making products for skiers and snowboarders who play on the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. They had to be innovative and create products that were rugged and responsive.

RC Pet Supplies wanted to continue to innovate to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners, so they engaged Propel Solutions to review current Customer Service processes to identify opportunities for operational improvement and develop innovative customer engagement experiences.  The objective of this engagement was to review the customer services processes including sales, returns and customer inquiries, to improve the Omni Channel Experience for their customers and position RC Pet Supplies to take advantage of future growth opportunities.

The Objective

Propel conducted a five-day review of the key operations of RC Pet Supplies:

  • Process Review – Propel conducted process mapping sessions to create a baseline for the “as-is” model of the Customer Service operations.  Key Processes were mapped in their current state and critiqued by managers and staff to highlight any opportunities in the processes that could enhance the customer experience.  The Propel team interviewed key positions involved in the process and conducted process observations of the activities of the Customer Service Department.
  • Omni Channel Driver Analysis – Propel provided RC Pets with a Profit Driver Model which shows the linkage between the cost drivers and revenue of the organization.  Using this model RC Pets was able clearly see the opportunity of moving towards an omni channel ordering process.
  • Order Fulfillment Toolkit Analysis – Through a comprehensive Management Toolkit Analysis, Propel reviewed the current tools managers used to oversee performance in their areas.  Through this analysis RC was able to demonstrate a clear line of accountability to their mission statement.

The Results

RC Pet Supplies engaged all areas of the business throughout the review to identify key areas of opportunity to align to their mission of being the “Easiest company in the world to deal with; strengthening the bonds between pets and their owners.”  The staff were able to identify over 30 opportunities which they would use to innovate on the customer experience and increase their operational efficiency.  The review highlighted opportunities to reduce the complexity of the ordering process which would facilitate a seamless process for their customers which would increase the time available for innovation by 30%.

Increased time available for innovation
Opportunities for improvement identified