The Challenge

Coast Capital Savings is Canada’s largest member-owned financial co-operative, headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia. With the recent vote in favor of moving forward to become a federal credit union, Coast Capital’s vision is to provide an outstanding service for members while creating a better work environment for their employees. Coast Capital Savings engaged Propel to lead a Business Review of its People Management processes to support the move towards the creation of a Shared Services Model within their Human Resources Department. This engagement required Propel to review selected People Management Processes to identify opportunities and to improve the service delivery, as well as defining roles and responsibilities in the future state of the Shared Services Model.

The Objectives

  • Process Design: Propel conducted a comprehensive review of the current processes within three key areas: Total Rewards, Talent and Business Partners. Our consultants worked with stakeholders to map 18 of their current processes into cross-functional process maps. Propel facilitated functional and cross-functional critique sessions to uncover opportunities for process improvement.
  • Workload Analysis: The focus of the analysis was on the People Solution Center, which later will be the first point of contact for employees when reaching out to the Human Resources Department. Propel collected inquiry data over a one-month period to gain an understanding of the types and frequencies of the requests received by the department. Propel conducted an Activity Analysis through interviewing stakeholders. The analysis outlined processes and activities that would be performed by the three pillars of the proposed Shared Services Centre.
  • Design and Implementation of Recommendations: Propel identified opportunities to improve communication across the department, developed a services menu, determined future state processes and conducted a skills analysis to support the department’s move towards the three-pillar model.
  • Development of a Management Toolkit: Propel’s Business Process Improvement team worked with executives to develop a comprehensive management toolkit with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The Results

All work was completed on time and on budget. Coast Capital Savings gained an understanding of the service improvements associated with the transition towards the Shared Services Model through clearly defined activities, roles and responsibilities, elimination of duplicate work and standardization of procedures. Overall, this project aligned the three teams to support the strategic objectives of Coast Capital Savings; to expand as a federal credit union on effective escalation and accountability structures and to support excellence in client service through a Shared Services Model in the Human Resources Department.

Processes Mapped