AXYS – Training and Implementation for a New Time Entry Software

The Challenge

AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is a global leader in the Design, Manufacture and Deployment of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide.   Headquartered in Canada, with over 40 years’ experience AXYS engaged Propel to assist with the implementation of a new time entry software.  The purpose of this engagement was to improve the accuracy of product costing through improved tracking of employee time towards the manufacturing of products. The scope of this engagement was to gain an understanding of AXYS’s unique business requirements, training needs, to ensure that the system was configured to support the business.   Propel was charged with supporting the organization through testing and developing a comprehensive go-live plan.

The Objectives

  • Prepare Organization for Upcoming System: Our team worked with AXYS stakeholders to ensure the configuration of the system would meet the organization’s unique needs. To ensure consistency throughout the organization, our team defined rules and designed processes to approve and create new time codes. This would enable AXYS to fully leverage the features and flexibility of the new system.
  • Facilitate System Testing: To make sure that the system was configured to meet AXYS’s needs, we tested each of the documented requirements to ensure that they were operational in the new system. Propel developed test scripts for each of the departments identified including Administration, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Production, Services and Management. We involved staff in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to confirm that users were able to navigate and utilize the new system in performing their daily work. This included Propel involving HR staff to ensure the Timesheet and Payroll modules interacted correctly to reap the full benefits of the system implementation.
  • Procedure Development and Training: To assist with the learning and mastery of the new system as well as consistent data entry amongst users, our team documented system procedures and provided training to support AXYS’s users. We documented quick guides and training guides for each department to support AXYS through a smooth transition.

The Results

100% staff compliance with the system utilizations was achieved in the first week of “Go Live”.  Additionally, the solution was fully integrated with the existing payroll and AXYS was able to eliminate duplicate data entry and ensure accurate on time payment. Through the timesheet implementation, AXYS now has the ability to electronically track employee time off.  Additionally, vacation requests and approvals are managed electronically.  Furthermore, AXYS now has the visibility into time required to complete tasks and are able to update their pricing structure to be competitive in the marketplace. This has enabled more effective pricing decisions and ensured that AXYS has the tracking to be compliant with the BC Employment Standards Act and Regulations.