Companies need an operating structure that is stable yet can quickly respond quickly to threats and opportunities. We help you build one.

Propel’s proven Business Transformation Methodology provides results you can grow with. Typically, our engagements provide a three to one (3:1) return on investment within the first year through increased customer value through the elimination of waste. We work directly with client staff, managers and executives to increase revenues by improving the long-term value created through the customer experience and processes to align with your business strategy.

Propel’s methodology goes beyond processes to examine products and people including: staff performance, management behaviour and use of technology that are critical to your performance.   We do not simply leave clients with a report of recommendations. We employ a participative approach to engage your people through every step of the Business Process Review.  All levels of staff, from front-line employees to upper management are involved in the transformation process. Their feedback will be solicited at every stage to uncover issues and develop shared innovative solutions to increase Project Management efficiencies and effectiveness. This approach ensures your people’s ownership of the processes moving forward as they were the ones who not only identified the need to change, but developed the solution.

In addition, we work alongside staff and managers to train them, leaving our clients with a culture of continuous improvement that pays dividends long after the project is complete and our team has left your organization. We integrate change management practices throughout our methodology to ensure that your organization is self sustaining.

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Industries We Serve

Professional & Financial Services

Increase employee engagement, accelerate growth and profitability.

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Distribution & Warehousing

Exceed customers’ expectations and improve cashflow.

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Retail & Consumer Goods

Improve the customer experience while increasing product margins.

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Improve operating margin and reduce overhead costs.

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Natural Resources

Install a culture of continuous improvement and improve delivery.

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Public Sector & Not-for-Profit

Improve productivity and implement Key Performance Measurements.

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