The Challenge

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) is responsible for the stewardship of Federal Port Lands in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.  VFPA is committed to investing in their employee’s growth and establishing of a culture of Continuous Improvement to optimize performance across the organization. To assist with this mission, VFPA engaged Propel Solutions to provide a series of Continuous Improvement Training Workshops for participants from across 20 departments to provide the leaders the skills required to improve the processes across the organization and promote a culture of Continuous Improvement.

To further ingrain a Continuous Improvement Culture, a select group of Change Leaders were identified from within the organization who would be provided the industry leading Lean Bronze Certification training.  Propel delivered a comprehensive review program for the participants to prepare for the exam.   Additionally, Propel Solutions will oversee the creation of the teams Lean Bronze Portfolios to complete the certification requirements, which include three Value Stream Improvement projects within the organization.

The Objectives

  • Continuous Improvement Training: Propel Solutions developed and delivered an engaging and interactive four-part series of Process Improvement Workshops for participants across 20 departments.  This training series was customized to meet the unique learning objectives of the VFPA. Through this series participants applied Lean Process Improvement Techniques to their own processes to develop improvement plans that they could put into action at the conclusion of the workshops.
  • Lean Bronze Certification: Propel Solutions who is Western Canada’s first and only reseller of the Lean Bronze Certification Review course facilitated a specifically tailored three-day long Lean Bronze review course and exam to the VFPA’s core Lean Team who will be the Champions of Change within the VFPA’s Organization.

The Results

100% of the Participants of the Lean Bronze Review Program passed the Lean Bronze Knowledge Certificate on their first attempt and have committed to continuing their Lean Journey with Propel.  Propel received a strongly agree to the course providing specific ideas and tools to implement in my workplace.   Additionally, the course material was ranked as excellent by all participants.

Propel remains engaged with VFPA and continues to hear about how the group has implemented the tools from the course in their own departments and is achieving successes across the organization. As a result of the training that Propel provided, the VFPA Participants gained the knowledge, skills and tools to lead Process Improvement initiatives and promote a culture of Continuous Improvement within their organization.