The Challenge

The City of Richmond is committed to being one of the most appealing and well-managed communities in Canada. To support this vision, the City came to us for assistance with implementing their Green Cart Collection Program. The purpose of the Program is to reduce the amount of organic waste being sent to landfills. Our experience in project management, systems implementation and change management made us an ideal partner to ensure that the City’s processes and people are fully supported before the installation of the Green Cart Collection Program.

The Objectives

  • Determine Processes for Using the New Systems: Working with end users, we identified the requirements necessary to transition to the new systems. This included the facilitation of data cleansing, data migration and testing activities. We standardized key processes so the City could retire all spreadsheets containing property related information and better serve citizens.
  • Develop User Documentation and Facilitate Training: We developed training materials to support users in navigating the new systems and executing their processes. Training workshops were provided to management and staff across the Environmental Services department.
  • Green Cart Implementation: We worked with the Project Team to develop the Project Plan and other control documentation including the Internal Communication Plan and Change Management Plan.  This supported the coordinated implementation between the various city departments, additionally we liaised with the vendors and contractors to ensure that all stakeholders were supported throughout the implementation.

The Results

The Green Cart Collection program was successfully rolled out across the City of Richmond within 8 months of council approval. Organic waste from over 38,000 residential addresses is now being diverted from landfills. Through our robust transition strategy, user compliance in using the new systems is at 100% with all citizen requests being recorded to facilitate superior customer service.