The Challenge

MineSense is dedicated to improving the profitability and sustainability of mining through first-of-it’s-kind technology.  MineSense prevents the wasting of ore using digital mining solutions, providing real-time, sensor-based ore sorting for large scale mines.  To continue their path to success, they realized their need to be continually innovating and anticipating customer needs.

To create a culture of innovation, MineSense engaged Propel Solutions to review current design and production processes. Propel Solutions identified opportunities for operational improvement, allowing MineSense to exceed their customer requirements.  The objective of this engagement was to review the product development and production processes, including hardware, software, and control design to improve the quality, reliability, and robustness of products offered to their customers.

The Objective

Propel conducted a ten-day review of MineSense’s key operations:

  • Process Review – Propel conducted process mapping sessions to create a baseline for the “as-is” model of the product enhancement.  Key Processes were mapped in their current state and critiqued by managers and staff to highlight any opportunities in the processes that could enhance the outcomes of product development.  The Propel team interviewed key positions involved in the process and conducted process observations of the activities of the Engineering Department.
  • Financial Driver Analysis – Propel provided MineSense with a Profit Driver Model which shows the linkage between drivers of costs and revenues of the organization.  Using this model, MineSense was able to clearly see the opportunities resulting from moving towards a more defined product development process.
  • Order Fulfillment Toolkit Analysis – Through a comprehensive Management Toolkit Analysis, Propel reviewed the current tools managers used to oversee performance in their areas.  Through this analysis MineSense was able to reveal a clear line of accountability to their company goals.

The Results

MineSense engaged all areas in the Engineering Department throughout the review to identify key areas of opportunity to align with their corporate strategy.  The staff were able to identify over 50 opportunities which could be used to their operational efficiency, improving customer experience.  The review highlighted opportunities to reduce the complexities of the product development cycle, increasing the time available for innovation by 30%.

Time savings
Opportunities identified