The Challenge

Fraser Surrey Docks (FSD) is a recently acquired terminal for DP World, Western Canada’s premier Container Terminal Operator and Stevedore. The Finance operations at FSD are now part of a global network of 70 terminals that is spread across six continents.  DP World engaged Propel Solutions to assist with identifying opportunities to improve current finance processes to support integration into the larger DP Finance organization.  Propel conducted a two-week Rapid Lean Operations Assessment to review FSD’s Month End Process, ADP Weekly Payroll, and Payments Processes.

The Objective

  • Process Mapping and Review: Propel conducted a comprehensive review of the current finance processes at FSD.  Our consultants worked with stakeholders to map nine of their current processes into cross-functional process maps which included the technology used across all ports to execute the processes. Propel facilitated functional and cross-functional critique sessions to uncover opportunities for process improvement and integration to DP Finance organization..
  • Financial Analysis: A Profit Driver Model was developed to demonstrate the linkages between the cost and revenue drivers of the organization. Using this model, the total finance department cost per vessel call was analyzed, setting the foundation for modeling the impact of changing organizational targets to help determine specific improvement objectives in terms of financial and capacity improvement.
  • Management Toolkit Analysis: Propel conducted a review of the tools used by the managers in the department to manage processes including Daily Forecasting, Meeting Planning and Operational Reports. From this analysis, Propel was able to identify missing tools that should be developed in order to increase staff engagement, operational capacity and communicate the expectations to staff in a common language.

The Result

Staff engagement throughout the Rapid Assessment was high with over 80 opportunities for improvement identified. Propel was able to identify both quick wins as well as longer term opportunities to support integration in DP Finance Operations. The Rapid Assessment provided FSD with baseline measures of their current state and identified the opportunity to introduce a Management Toolkit to improve the management of key processes, leverage systems to improve reporting, and increase visibility through daily and weekly reporting of results and Key Performance Indicators.