The Challenge

Colliers International Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CIGI) is a publicly traded global real estate company with roots in Vancouver, now operating in 550 offices in 68 countries worldwide. Colliers has a long history of growth, both organically as well as through acquisition. Colliers engaged Propel to assess and manage risks associated with the integration of acquired organizations onto Colliers’ global technology platforms and scale the previously developed IT Integration Framework for use by Colliers IT internationally. Propel assessed risks associated with the acquisition of target organizations in the context of IT Integrations and integrated risk management techniques into the IT Integration Framework. Propel also identified the roles and responsibilities of members within Colliers IT and documented a reporting structure for the standardization of the IT Integration Team. Propel standardized the Framework to scale globally for use by Colliers IT internationally to facilitate the continuous improvement process through global knowledge sharing.

The Objective

  • Identification and Management of IT Risks: Propel assessed the current IT Integrations process to identify risks associated with loss of acquisition synergies through value destruction, integration delay, and rebuilding of resources. Following risk assessment, Propel developed risk mitigation tactics in order to reduce the probability and impact of integration failure, cybersecurity, and nonstandard IT. These tactics were integrated into the IT Integration Framework in order to reduce risk associated with onboarding acquired organizations onto Colliers global IT network and infrastructure.
  • Scaling for Globalization:  Propel reviewed and prepared the IT Integration Framework and Colliers IT for a global rollout. Propel supported Colliers North America in building the case for scaling the framework to achieve a global standard for integrations processes, a comprehensive risk management strategy, and increased levels of knowledge sharing to facilitate the continuous improvement process.
  • Review of the IT Integration Organizational Structure: Propel conducted a review of the proposed IT Integration Organizational structure and defined the roles and responsibilities within the management of the IT Integration team. Propel also developed a reporting structure within Colliers IT for the management of integration projects and reviewed current status reporting tools to generate recommendations for efficient reporting techniques.

The Result

The Colliers IT Integrations Team is now utilizing the IT Integration Framework to identify and mitigate risks associated with acquiring organizations and is preparing to scale standard framework for use by Colliers IT globally.