The Challenge

Propel was engaged to conduct a market analysis on the British Columbia (BC) industry to determine the feasibility of First Nations Manufacturer entering the British Columbia Market. The intent of the study was to identify the market size in order to identify the road map for the new entrant to enter the market.

The Objective

  • Customer and Market Analysis – Propel completed an analysis of the Canadian and the British Columbia markets, focusing on First Nations People and reserve-based stores, to understand the landscape of the market to-date. This was done by conducting a detailed analysis of the target customer to gain insights on the segment demographics, ancestral and cultural norms, current consumption patterns, and channels that products are primarily purchased. From there, Propel conducted an analysis to determine future market size based on customer use and buying patterns.
  • Competitor Analysis – Propel identified key competitors based on market share to understand barriers to entry and establish a baseline for the analysis. From this analysis, Propel was able to identify players currently in the market, and through first-hand and secondary market research was used to define current market share by competitor. The resulting analysis  was used as a baseline for identifying market volume and pricing opportunities in the BC market.
  • Supply Chain Opportunities – Propel analyzed the end-to-end value chain to determine the most profitable stage of the chain. To minimize costs and capitalize on distribution opportunities, Propel sought to identify two methods of introducing new product to the market, a direct distributor and a turn-key solution. From here firsthand market research was conducted to identify possible partnerships.
  • BC Entry Plan – Using the market analysis as a baseline, Propel prepared a comprehensive plan for new players entering the BC market. Opportunities were then identified and risks were highlighted, including recognizing regulations currently in place that may impact market entry.

The Results

The information gathered in the market analysis provided baseline measures for the current and forecasted market in First Nations communities and reserve-based stores. The study included market opportunities identified through the data analysis as well as options recommended to exploit them. Finally, a feasibility summary and next steps suggestions was provided to guide future decisions.  The client’s leveraged this analysis to formulate their plan for entry for 2021.

“Thank you So much for your hard work. The project is exactly what I had in mind and you exceeded my expectations.” – First Nations Client

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