The Challenge

Two Worlds Consulting (TWC) is a professional environmental and social consultancy working with governments, Indigenous Nations, and the private sector to support informed decision-making and shared prosperity for clients and communities. TWC experienced tremendous growth over the recent years, leading to increased complexity in its processes and systems. Upon meeting the requirements for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), TWC received a grant of $15,000 and engaged Propel Solutions to assist with developing a digital adoption roadmap to rationalize its software systems, improve capacity and streamline internal processes in anticipation for its rapid onboarding of staff.

The Objectives

Needs Assessment and Opportunity Identification: Propel started with a review of TWC’s current processes and systems. A systems architecture map and end-to-end process maps were created with system touch points, key decision points, the manual manipulation of data and documentation highlighted. Propel employed a participative approach to garner process map critiques from employees and management. Through this, 21 opportunities for process, human capital and technology improvement were identified.

Business Requirements Development and Vendor Selection: With a thorough understanding of the needs of the organization, Propel translated the needs assessment into functional requirements that a new system must meet. Propel completed a market scan of full-suite cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning systems to support and automate TWC’s project management, accounting, invoicing, talent management and resource planning processes. Propel organized a series of vendor demonstrations and developed a comprehensive framework to evaluate the three selected vendors.

Digital Adoption Roadmap: Once the vendor has been selected, Propel provided a Digital Adoption Roadmap that articulated the plan for moving forward with the newly identified solution with estimated financial requirements, implementation timeline, return on investment identified. In addition to this, Propel provided a comprehensive suite of recommendations, identifying the necessary training, IT support resources, and long-term recommendations to move TWC towards the desired future state.

The Results

The digital adoption roadmap provided TWC with a clear path to operationalize the identified improvements and lay the foundation for a continuous improvement culture across the organization. TWC was able to leverage the roadmap to obtain an interest fee loan of up to $100K from the BDC to onboard the technology. Through the BDC application, TWC can also leverage the help of post-secondary students and recent graduates through subsidized work placements.

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