The Provincial IDIM program offers a scalable identity and credential management service that provides a high level of security and privacy required to conduct high value government business both internally and via the Internet.  IDIM was created as part of the B.C. Government IM/IT Enablers Strategy for Citizens as part of B.C. Government 2.0.

Propel was engaged to provide Lean Process and Continuous Improvement Training to key participants from the program.  It is recognized that citizens have increasingly high expectations for convenient and timely access to government services.  The IDIM Program provides Identity and Authentication Services, including:

Authentication and Directory Services

  • IDIR Directory and Authentication Service – a highly secure directory and authentication service that provides access to internal government resources and e-Services.
  • BCeID – a centralized shared service that provides individuals, businesses, and organizations access to numerous public sector online services with an easy-to-use, secure single credential.

Web Access Management Services

  • SiteMinder – a centralized web access management system that enables user authentication and single sign-on, policy-based authorization, identity federation, and auditing of access to Web applications and portals.
  • Reverse Proxy – transparently forwards traffic from a web browser to a website or application server.

SSL Certificates – digital certificates enable data encryption for transferring data on the network.

Propel Solutions was engaged to provide Continuous Improvement Training to a group of leaders from IDIM to enhance the collaboration of the teams. Through these workshops, the participants learnt how to define and optimize their value streams for the:

  • IT Change Management Process
  • Release and Deployment Process

Lean Workshops were delivered in four one-day sessions to 19 participants at all levels from impacted work units in IDIM.  The workshops were designed to introduce Lean concepts and ITIL Frameworks for the IT Change Management and the Release and Deployment Processes.  The participants had the opportunity to interview their customers to obtain their input on the value that IDIM provides.  The sessions were delivered to develop shared understanding of the processes as well as develop actionable recommendations for IDIM to move forward after the organizational reorganization.

The workshop feedback was overwhelmingly positive from the participants who felt that the sessions delivered on the goals of “Getting a better understanding of what other people in IDIM do and a better appreciation and enabling a start of improved relationships.”  And “Simple, incremental changes, viewed collectively can make big change happen.”

The results, participants learnt continuous improvement concepts, starting the organization on their Lean Journey.  Four customer Interviews were conducted to learn what they value from IDIM.  Processes were documented for the IT Change Management and Release and Deploy Processes for all IT Service Areas.   An understanding of ITIL Roles and responsibilities was developed; and, more than 25 actionable recommendations were developed to improve the process and create shared understandings.