The Challenge

The Fina Group of Companies consists of Fina Electrical Systems and Fina Electric Services. Founded in 2004, Fina Group’s focus for the last 15 years has been to provide top quality service and customer satisfaction at competitive rates. Fina Group engaged Propel Solutions to conduct a review of its operational processes, with a focus on clarifying roles and responsibilities to create a culture of accountability, and to ensure operations are scalable to support Fina Group’s continued growth. The objective was to identify opportunities for the alignment of processes to position Fina Group to take advantage of accelerated growth opportunities ahead, and to develop a culture that is consistently striving to deliver client value.

The Objective:

Propel Solutions conducted a 2-week review of operational processes to align processes to prepare Fina Group for growth through:

  • Process Mapping & Review: Propel conducted a review of the end-to-end project lifecycle, from prospecting through to project closeout, to determine opportunities to improve capacity throughout the organization. This was achieved through interviewing staff, observing work practices, and creating detailed process maps that were critiqued by all members of the team. This formed the baseline for process improvements.
  • Optimized Sales and Forecasting: Propel analyzed Fina Group’s business development processes and developed a sales funnel to identify opportunities for improvement. The data review was supported by an analysis of Fina Group’s Management Toolkit to understand how the current strategy and forecast is translated into targets for the teams. From here, recommendations were provided to develop a robust sales and forecasting program to ensure a consistent pipeline of new business.
  • Organizational Design: Propel developed an Activity Analysis and Skills Matrix to identify improvement opportunities for process ownership and accountability. This formed the basis for designing a future-state operating structure. Tools were developed to promote structured ownership of tasks by defining roles up front, and recommendations were made to streamline the operating structure to scale the business for growth.
  • Development of Management Tools: To support Fina Group with its growth and the future-state operating structure, Propel developed a toolkit of management tools to be used by Fina Group’s leadership team. Additionally, KPI’s were developed for daily measurement of results and recommendations for a structured communication path for results reporting were developed.

The Results

Staff engagement throughout the analysis was high, with over 50 opportunities for improvement identified. The process review provided Fina Group with a roadmap to ensure their people and processes can grow in lockstep with the organization. Propel was able to identify both quick wins and longer-term opportunities to forward Fina Group’s goals and objectives.