Example One Rapid Lean Assessment We structure your business for success.

It’s time for change. In a two-week rapid assessment, we evaluate your organization’s potential, focusing on three key pillars – people, process, and performance indicators.

At Propel, our method is different. We believe the best process improvements are done in partnership. We get to the core of your processes by understanding and then evaluating how your team interacts with every step. From here, we translate your key cost and revenue drivers into strategic insight that helps us determine your specific improvement objectives. You’re now ready for a full business transformation.

We employ a participative approach to engage your people

Proven Approach

Our systematic approach gives you the powerful insights required to identify barriers to your performance in just two weeks.  We work with your team to review the current operations by: conducting interviews, mapping processes and spending a day in the life of your employees to uncover day to day frustrations.

Behind the scenes, we complete a thorough financial analysis to identify your current organizational capacity and model your future potential.  Through our analysis we will identify your hidden profit potential.  This is often in excess of 30% improvement to the bottom line.

Lean Improvement Experts

Leveraging your people’s expertise, we help to uncover the process issues and identify quick wins. A road map for optimizing processes and achieving measurable results is delivered at the end our time together.  The Rapid Lean Assessment lays the foundation for your Lean Journey.

Why Propel

We go beyond processes to examine products and people including staff performance, management behaviour, and use of technology that are critical to your business operations. Propel does not simply leave clients with a report of recommendations. We employ a participative approach to engage your people through every step of our engagement. Through interviewing employees and managers, reviewing documentation, and observing processes, Propel Solutions addresses key areas to improve efficiency, optimize cost, and improve quality through effective organizational design.

Our approach ensures that your people are the key drivers of the change

Development of Baseline KPI’s – We analyze historical financial data to determine specific improvement objectives.

Capacity Analysis of Current Processes – Find out what is currently limiting your capacity for growth.  Propel will conduct a thorough analysis of current capacity and provide a tool to measure this moving forward.

Mapping of Key Processes using industry best-practice Business Process Mapping Notation (BPMN)  – We create process maps to set the baseline for process analysis. We interview managers and key employees to draft process maps, including information flows, roles, and system touch points.

Identification of Quick Wins – We identify and assist with the implementation of simple process improvements that do not require additional investment.

Identification of ‘Real’ Savings – Propel’s unique methodology ensures that savings are quantified, and targets are set for all key performance measures.  We ensure that the savings are “real” and will hit the bottom line.

Change Management Strategy – Propel will conduct an initial assessment of your organization to identify your change readiness. From there, we develop a comprehensive plan to address your organization’s unique change management needs.

We build lasting relationships

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Industries We Serve

Professional & Financial Services

Increase employee engagement, accelerate growth and profitability.

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Distribution & Warehousing

Exceed customers’ expectations and improve cashflow.

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Retail & Consumer Goods

Improve the customer experience while increasing product margins.

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Improve operating margin and reduce overhead costs.

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Natural Resources

Install a culture of continuous improvement and improve delivery.

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Public Sector & Not-for-Profit

Improve productivity and implement Key Performance Measurements.

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