The Challenge

Founded in 1987, KTL Transport is the Lower Mainland’s industry-leading road transporter operating 180 trucks within the Ports of Vancouver as a sister company to Euro Asia Transload, the largest container transload provider in Canada. KTL Transport is committed to implementing industry best practices to achieve the highest level of efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. From its humble origins as a single-truck operation, KTL’s multi-million-dollar growth over the decades has brought with it new opportunities and challenges. KTL recently implemented new enterprise logistics software that is integrated into all aspects of the operations including logistics planning, driver management and financing.

Propel Solutions was engaged to conduct a review of KTL’s current scheduling, dispatching, customer support and financial activities to identify where key processes may no longer be effectively supporting the organization. Propel also reviewed the implementation of the new logistics software to determine where further alignment of processes is needed to support KTL staff with adoption of the technology.

The Objective:

The project was conducted within a one-week period and included the following activities:

  • Reviewing Legacy Practices to Define the Current-State: The engagement kicked off with an intensive documentation of the current state processes within KTL’s import and export planning, driver dispatching, billing and payroll functions. Propel conducted process observations to “spend a day” in the life of select employees and managers to quantify non-value-added activities and identify recurring operating problems that impede capacity. Using industry recognized BPMN 2.0, detailed process maps were created, and KTL staff were led through process critique sessions where additional insights were collected on operating problems, technology gaps and growth opportunities. Collectively, these activities allowed Propel to define the current state and establish the baseline for available process improvements.
  • Analyzing Container Volume Forecasts and Scheduling: Propel facilitated a workshop with the KTL Transport leadership team to understand the tools that are currently used to manage the business. Using the results of the Management Toolkit Critique, Propel was able to identify tools that could be designed and implemented to maximize fleet utilization and driver scheduling while increasing collaboration and integration between the operations team.
  • Leveraging Technology Investment and Promoting Adoption: Through a thorough assessment of KTL’s operating processes, Propel documented the configuration, user training and future development needed to leverage the technology implementation and improve the effectiveness of the system. An action plan was developed categorizing the opportunities identified into immediate and ongoing milestones that will allow KTL to scale the platform’s use to drive planning and operations.

The Results

The rapid lean assessment provided KTL Transport with a roadmap for leveraging their technology investment to scale their processes in manner that allows them to replicate current success and continue to solidify their reputation for transportation excellence. Staff engagement throughout the analysis was high, with over 40 opportunities for improvement identified by the KTL Transport team. Opportunities were identified by Propel to improve Logistics, Dispatching, Billing, Payroll and Systems utilization, for a total of over 100 opportunities for improvement.